The Tres Dias weekend is an opportunity for Christians to encounter Jesus Christ, experience other Christians serving them in love, and receive a new inspiration for living a life in Christ. Tres Dias is open to all Christian denominations.

  • The main teaching of Tres Dias is God’s unconditional love for us through His grace.
  • The objective of Tres Dias is to enhance your personal walk with Jesus which in turn strengthens His Church.
  • The purpose of Tres Dias is to improve apostolic action in our environment and Christian leadership in the church.
  • Tres Dias is open to all adult Christians 21 years older, men and women, married or single, regardless of denomination.
  • Men and women attend separate weekends. If you are married, most often the husband attends first and wives usually attend a few weeks later.
  • Each participant must be a first time attendee and be sponsored by someone who has attended in the past.

What happens on a Tres Dias weekend?

Who Should attend a Tres Dias weekend?

  • All potential Tres Dias attendees must be sponsored by someone who has previously attended. Check with your local church to inquirer as to people who have attended or a potential sponsor has directed you to this site.
  • If you are eligible and interested in attending a Tres Dias week end, please complete the registration form and return it to your sponsor.

How may I attend a Tres Dias weekend?

What is the fourth day?


  • Life after Tres Dias is called the fourth day.  The desire to continue to strengthen and pursue a personal relationship with Christ which was enhanced through participation in Tres Dias can be supported through small, accountability groups developed from those who have attended a Tres Dias weekend as well as increased participation and leadership in local church communities


  • The basic atmosphere of Tres Dias is one of love, joy, Christian fellowship, singing, laughing, and worship. Tres Dias makes future Christian experiences more fruitful because it helps you put Jesus in the forefront of your life.
  • The Spanish words “Tres Dias” mean”Three Days.” Tres Dias begins on a Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday evening. The team leading the weekend is composed of former attendees of a Tres Dias or someone who has attended a similar weekend retreat such as Cursillo or Walk to Emmaus. These people volunteer their time for months of preparation and praying.
  • Helping build the Christ -centered, joyful atmosphere for the weekend are small group discussions centered around lay and clergy talks focused on the basics of Christian life, the meaning of living the Christian ideal and it’s application in our daily lives.
  • For more information about attending a weekend, please contact us by clicking HERE.